Error connecting to CDDB?

Hi, I am trying to use CE to rip audio cds. When I insert the disc it gives an error after a few seconds of reading, “CDDB: Error Open Socket”

If I click ok on that prompt, it proceeds to rip but does not download any metadata. I am guessing the error is because kodi is unable to connect to cddb. I am not sure if this is due to Kodi or coreelec.

Debug log attached. Any help is highly appreciated.


It seems cddb url has changed. This seems to be the fix applied in kodi -

Any chance this has been implemented in Coreelec?

If it’s a Kodi issue you will have to report it on the Kodi forum.

This is not a CoreELEC OS fix.

Considering the fix was made in the advancedsettings.cpp file, it’s very likely that you just need to create your own advancedsettings.xml with the correct URL.

@extremeaudio Until the CoreELEC version of Kodi is updated to include the fix you can just create an advancedsettings.xml file with the following:-


Or add the <cddbaddress> line to your existing advancedsettings.xml file.