Error "Error in mount_storage: " after first start


I have installed coreboot on a SD Card(32GB sandisk) the hardware is W95 with S905W processor 2GB ram and 16 GB storage. I installed it with rufus and selected gxl_p281_2g as dtb img, because the device is not listed. The first boot works fine and 3rd step (pratitioning works find and it reboots)

but after reboot and 5-10 secs i get error

###Starting debugging shell for boot step: mount _storage…type exit to quit ###
*** Error in mount_storage: mount_commin: Could not mount LABEL=STORAGE ***

I tried it two times and both times same thing happend. Can someone please help me here, i have atvxperience installed currently and there is not update since 1 year thats why i wanted to move on.


This shouldn’t happen, I suggest to try a different card.

I tried with Etcher tool and it worked but when i have all the movies setup and can watch all of them there is a problem that after some time FS gets corrupted :frowning: i dont see any moves when i restart the system start fixing fs after 120 secs and i am vanilla system again :frowning: happend twice already.

You’ve got a bad SD card.
Also possible that the SD card reader in the box is bad.

ohh taths bad thanks mate. just one or two improvements i can think of in 30 mins. The view type in media refreshes whol library with each change it would be better to give a list of option without refreshing.

can you give me a link to install to internal filesystem… that would be better for me. I know the risks and can revert to original firmware quickly(have done it before)

You can search the forum. We don’t officially support installtointernal on 3.14 kernel based devices.


thanks for support. I settled for the STORAGE to internal emmc compromise better. The system is stable and very responsive.

finding it way better than Android based kodi.

just one question, is it possible to use both remotes(tv, and box)? Currently only television one is working.

thanks mate, everything is working as expected. Enjoying my media player way better then Android based system.