Error in recording live tv in 8.95.7 with Kodi and tvh (AML S905D)


after updating Corelec from 8.95.6 to 8.95.7 recording of live tv doesn’t work correctly anymore with mecool KII pro TV Box. It’s the same issue described here:

With Tvheadend 4.2 there are now both a Stop and an Abort actions on a current recording.
“Stop” action ends the recording and keeps it, while “Abort” ditches the recording.
the client issues a stop action but the 4.2 server gets it as an Abort action so the server trashes the recording to the Failed Recordings section. It seems it confuses the client because on the Kodi UI still shows the program being recorded, and the entry shoes up in the Recordings list but can’t be read. When I restart Kodi it eventually says the recording ended.