Estuary Atmos Mod for CoreELEC Nexus

This is Estuary Atmos Mod for CoreELEC Nexus skin.
Original work done by TheMexx
I just made this tiny modification of Dolby Atmos flag to match the original Dolby Vision flag and pack it as an addon.
To use this skin:
1.Unzip it and upload to the addon folder;
2.Enable it in my addon section and choose it from the interface section (you may need to reboot your device after uploading to see it’s displayed in my addon);
3.Rescan your whole library to make the flag show up (the media file name must contain “atmos” to make the flag appear). (5.2 MB)

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I downloaded the file and extracted the “skin.estuary.atmosmod” folder. I then copied it to the Addons folder, using Windows to copy the file to that folder.
When I go into the Add-ons Folder on my Dune media player, it does NOT show up…
How do I find it, so I can enable it. I even rebooted my device.

Try Kodi/CoreELEC UI

System/Addons/My Addons/All

Shoukd be there right below Estuary

And or move to
Look and Feel/Skin

Iam going to test this Mod Skin also

Happy Testing

Thank you, I must be blind. I looked everywhere, lol. It was exactly where you said it was.

Ok, so now I went to enable it, BUT, it is “not compatible with this version of Kodi”. I am running this version… CoreELEC-Amlogic-ne.aarch64-21.0-Omega_nightly_20240131-Generic.img

Just downloaded
Will test

Maybe is only compatible with .Nexus .ng

This is for Nexus build only.
Maybe I‘ll make a Omega version later.

Theoretically it will work on all Nexus builds

That would be fantastic, thank you.

Works on latest Nightly

4.9 Kernel

Tried on other versions
Dependencies missing / or not compatible with this version.

Nice job!!!

Happy Testing

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