Ethernet connection - streams Iptv buffering

Hi, I have an X92 with Coreelec and ethernet connection. Iptv streams are chopped (buffering). I give ctrl + shift + o … aq vq drops down to 0, then the lantern light starts working flashing. When I play streams directly on the TV via wifi, they work great. When I put the cable in the TV, they also work. So the problem is only in the box. Some ideas? Sorry for my english . thx

Install all Coreelec 9.0.0 - 9.2.5
Play streams every time buffering

Install stock android:
Kodi 18.9 - streams iptv buffering
Apk. IPTV Extreme - streams play ok

Install Libreelec 8.2.4 - stream play ok, aq+vq 99%

The problem is probably in Kodi 18. Any advice on what to do with it?

Using ethernet everything should work fine. If you have problems, check the following things:


  • install or reinstall the latest stable version


  • delete advancedsettings.xml, the default settings work great
  • delete malicious or banned addons


  • sometimes flash memories are very bad, if this is your case try to install the firmware on the internal memory or on an external USB hard drive

public networks:

  • mobile phone networks can work very badly, DSL lines do not give enough speed for HD IPTV, use only fiber optic networks, coaxial cable or ethernet cable

wireless networks:

  • they are a source of problems due to interference from other wireless networks

keep investigating …

A clean installation of Coreelec 9.2.5 on both the SD card and the internal memory and both behave the same. In Kodi 17.4 it worked well. On the TV in the ssiptv app it also works well and even via wifi. So the problem is definitely in Kodi 18 - 18.9

Try Matrix to see how that goes there.

I can’t install Matrix. I have a Vontar X92 S912
S912 is said to be not supported

No it’s not, sorry.

All my client devices, I have four of different models and brands, all but one have an amlogic S912 processor and all have CoreELEC, they work with WiFi or ethernet depending on the location, some are very far, hundreds and thousands of kilometers from the server. They all work fine. The server is a LibreELEC x64 that provides storage, backup, vpn and filtered dns services, multimedia, satellite TV and IPTV subscriptions.

CoreELEC 9.2.5 or Kodi 18.9 are not the problem.

It’s finally working! The problem was in writing the stream - it contained the text “DNA”, so I deleted it and it’s great

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