Ethernet tethering share or bridge wifi over lanport


Using corelec for a long time now but still missing Ethernet tethering … Tryed it with connman but allways says not supported … Is there a way to get it working … My TV has no wifi so i want to share the connection from the coreelec wifi over the coreelec Ethernet port into the TV … Like a network bridge. Hope someone understands what i want to do . device is mecool pro k 2 … Iam allways in nightly if testing is needed . thanks

Maybe something like this?

copy config file to writable storage

cp /etc/connman/main.conf /storage/.config/connman_main.conf

edit the file and add ethernet to the list of tethering technologies

TetheringTechnologies = wifi,ethernet

Reboot and

connmanctl enable ethernet
connmanctl tether ethernet on

Yeha i know this link but it dont work ,the connman conf ist in the image and readonly i tryed to symlink to a writable conf but dont work … After this i mounted over the conf and restarted the connman with no luck … Error MSG was not supported so i think it must be compiled in the Firmware . yes you are right ist the same as wifi tethering but for Ethernet .

You missed copying file from /etc to /storage.
I just tried this instructions and works.

When i reboot my Mount is gone over the main. Conf is killed … Mayby i can Mount at Boot time before connman starts ?

What are you mounting? You just need to edit file /storage/.config/connman_main.conf.

Thanks … I copyed Main.conf and dont renamed it to connman_Main.conf !! But my Mount script with autostart.SH works also !
Great. Is much simpler

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