eXoDOSConverter now compatible with Emuelec

Hello, just a little message to inform you that my tool eXoDOSConverter is now compatible with emuelec.

Keep in mind though that this is a brand new feature, I followed the wiki page about DOS on Emulec’s github, but I don’t one any EmuELEC powered device, so ultimately I need testers to check that everything works fine, so feel free to enter an issue on the project’s github if you encounter any trouble.

Ultimately this tool in combination with the collection might be the easiest way to play DOSBox on EmuELEC

What’s eXoDOS ?

For those of you for which this name doesn’t mean anything, ExoDOS Collection is a collection of DOS games and in my opinion the best one as it includes full, correct configuration for all games.

It is based on Launchbox and Windows only though The collection is supported in its V5 full version only, V4 support has been dropped

Lite version will be likely supported later with Download on demand implemented in the converter, if it’s feasible

There’s also an ExoDOSWin3x collection for Windows 3.1 games, version 2 of which will be supported when it’s released

Before using this tool, don’t forget to install the collection with its setup.bat

Looks very interesting.

May I suggest that you give guidance on how users can integrate it into EMUElec so that they can easily test and provide feedback.


Just copy the pc and pcdata fodler in the right destinations as shown here : https://github.com/EmuELEC/EmuELEC/wiki/DOSBox-Configuration-for-Individual-Games

refresh the games list or reboot and it should be ok

I pushed a new fix release 0.7.1-beta as the one from yesterday had major bugs, seems the forum doesn’t allow me to ‘link that host’ or something but you’ll find it on the same github

EDIT: ok seems like proposing a free tool is seen as spam here.
nice community…

won’t bother anymore here, if anyone is interested, please use github issues.

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