External Drive Path?

How to find exact info for path to external drive?

I need to point tvheadend to a folder on my external drive, but everything i look at seems to list or show it in a different way?

Yes i get where exactly to put it in, but it never seems to work?

So my drive is labeled KODI DISK, and i want to record the the RECORDING folder?

Shows storage space 0/0/0

Ensure that your disk mounted properly, have proper permissions and you typed the path correctly

On my device is in /media/<usb-disk>

My recordings are in /media/<usb-disk>/recordings

Its mounted properly, im just not sure exactly what i should be typing?

Including spaces in names of disks, directories, files, etc. It’s always a problem, replace the spaces with a printable character (I use: . - _ @).

Note: I am not an expert in programming and perhaps someone more expert can help us. If there are spaces in a name, perhaps it can be solved by typing \s or $(<name-with-spaces>).

Also try to use a Linux formatted disk as otherwise recordings tend not to get listed in Kodi for permissions reasons.

I second the advice to avoid spaces as they are not recognised and the label stops been read at the space.


Whenever I include <...> it indicates that it is a custom value dependent on hardware and software installed. This is an agreement normally admitted in programming.

Search your directory /media and you will see the name of your hard drive

Sorted it now guys thanks, my path is “var/media/KODI DISK/80 - RECORDINGS”

This is what had originally but it just started working for some reason, showing 3230/0/7451GiB

Recording now working great.