External HDD still running after shutdown

Hi Coreelec Team,

I tried searching but was unable to find an answer on why my External HDD is still running even after a shutdown of coreelec.

Is there a way to shutdown the box along with the external HDD?

You can go to the CoreELEC settings menu and under hardware you’ll find an option to enable/disable usb power when off/suspend.

Hummm, I can’t fin hardware section in CE settings on a 9.2.1 running on a X96 Max, it has only System, Updates, Network, Connections, Bluetooth, Services and About.

It’s only available in nightlies.

Ah, Ok, thanks.
I would try the nightlies if they were helpful, but my tv boxes (X96 max) are widely tried and it wouldn’t be very helpful, I think.