External powered usb hub

Good friends someone here uses usb hub that works perfectly with CoreELEC.
Leave here the template used. (External Power)
I bought some cheap models with external power and it does not work.
A friend has a USB 2.0 7-Port Hub (HE-702A) that works perfectly!
(I didn’t find selling on the Internet because it was an old model.)

I plan on buying a TP-Link UH 700 USB 3.0 7-port Hub. I don’t know if CoreELEC supports the VIA VL812 Chipset used by it.
And to be used on a TBS5520SE + CoreELEC + KI Plus. (Without tuner),

This is the one I use.

7 ports, nicely spaced to use the fattest of devices, individually switched ports and AC power with charging capability (1W only) to boot and it works perfectly.

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Thank you, great help friend,
I forgot to mention I’m in Brazil.
Few sellers deliver here in my country besides aliexpress.

This looks like the same thing under a different brand name from Aliexpress.

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I followed your advice expecting the same! :+1:

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