External UHD player in combination with n2

Can someone recommend an external UHD player?
I need a external player for CD/DVDs as i have some of them.
Then i thought, it would be nice if that player could also somehow play 4k/uhd content.
Does anyone know if that works? If yes, what can be recommended?

Why don’t you buy an external Blu-Ray drive and plug it into the N2. You could run it for both DVD’s and Blu-Ray movies.
Just make sure that it is externally powered since there are issues with power from the N2 USB connection.

Something like the below:

thats what i am looking for, but it should be able to play UHD/4k content. i am not sure if that device supports that.

Have a look at the specifications of the drive. Or have a search on Amazon or somewhere similar. Look for an external drive that can read 4k Blu-Ray discs.

Something like this would do the job for you:

my question was especially for a recommendation, means: someone who bought that player and made experience with that.
i know that there might be some players out there, but i dont know the other things which i just dont know (you dont know that you dont know something).

I just read some comments on the amazon webpage about that verbatim player. it seems like this device makes trouble with 4k content. seems like there is a forced registration, without it the device does not play, etc.

if someone can recommend something he has made positive experience with, please be so kind and list that product. thanks.

Definitely get one that someone has tried when I tried a few they cause the box to boot slow and quite often caused the box to hang when a disk was inserted that was with a s905/s912 box a couple of years ago.