Extra Screen + Syntax Error

I have two Beelink GT1 Ultimates, both run great so still using them and the old software.

The family one, is (as always) a mess and was faster to wipe it out and start over again, so last night I did and let it scrape while I was in bed.

I saw that there was a newer version available, 9.2.8, where I was using 9.2.7. I installed it and everything is working as it should but I am having 2.5 issues… one’s not a big issue so only half.

1 - Main screen, left side, when I click MOVIES or TV SHOWS, it takes me to the screen with a list to choose title, years, actors, genre, etc… I click titles then I get my wall of posters. How do I get rid of that screen? Been using Kodi/XBMC for years and only time it goes to that screen is if it was the last screen you used. Should just go straight into titles.

2 - Main screen, left side, when I go to videos then move to the right and click on either Movies or TV Shows, it comes up with a Syntax Error (I think it was) then goes to the same title, years, actors, genre, etc… screen. Should just go into the list of files. I have 1 share folder from the PC called Videos also in that list but content not set to either movie or television, and when I click it, it goes into the file list no problem.

3 - Half issue is that the TVDB scraper seems gone and when I click into the addons or add-more, it’s not there. Is it no longer supported with Kodi?

Basically just looking to fix the first 2 issues… having that extra screen pop up every time and that error window popping up is annoying. I was about to wipe my system clean and reinstall everything as well, but if can’t fix that issue, I’ll stick with 9.2.7.

I do not test Legacy
Should be sane in Matrix/Nexus

Library Node Editor Addon
Need to install?

Skin/Configure Skin
Main Menu items

All kinds of Settings there…
Edit Categories
Will ask about addon to install :thinking:

Maybe will help

Happy Testing

All kinds of settings in there?

Yes, there’s all kinds of settings everywhere in Kodi. I’m trying to figure out what setting is needed to make it stop doing what it’s doing.

Anyone else install this version have the same issue? Maybe just a hiccup during installation? Again, I have two identical Beelinks on the same network and one does it, other doesn’t.

So… on my Beelink, I installed everything the exact same way, exact same files and it’s the exact same hardware. Worked fine. Scrapped everything, been rebooted a few times now and everything works as it should so… I guess just a hiccup during install? setup? no idea but definitely not supposed to work that way so wiping it out (again) and scraping (again) tonight.