Extracting .dtb file from a running Android OS

Can anyone please help on how to extract the .dtb file from an Android TV Box while still running on its Android OS?

If the box is rooted, install X-plore on the box and copy the image from “root/dev/dtb.img” anywhere you want.

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If you still have Android installed, you can boot CE from USB/SD and type dd if=/dev/dtb | gzip > /storage/downloads/dtb.img.gz on SSH, you can then download it from the Downloads folder.

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This would be a good “How To” addition.

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Wow, I never knew even an Android TV Box does come with unrooted (customized). Anyway, assuming for the worst case where the TV Box is not rooted, is there a better way to do this thing on a non-rooted Android TV Box?

If I can boot this TV Box with CE, don’t you think doing the above from a /dev/dtb of running CE will just grab the CE (not Android) dtb file? Unless they are identical, I am interested in getting and/or extracting a dtb file from a non-rooted Android TV Box.

Why would you need that?

I’d root it first :slight_smile:

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is creates 256kb DTB file
DTC gives error:
root@unraid-debian:/dtc# dtc -I dtb -O dts -f k5.dtb -o k5.dts
FATAL ERROR: Blob has incorrect magic number

It’s maybe gziped or encrypted.

i extracted the file and its not encrypted

k5.dtb (256 KB)

ohh nice i have to doo dtbSplit first then i have a 2 and a 4g dtb

It’s than Amlogic multidtb format.
You can use fdtget/fdtput on a CE device as they support this format.