Extremly loud and distorted sound bug

Hi guys,
I’ve experienced a quite annoying and dangerous sound bug with my Coreelec installation (latest nightly) on my X96 Max Plus (S905X3).
It was not the first time that this happened, but the first time that i thought about taking logs.

This time the bug happened when i was hearing radio over DVB-C (Tvheadend), but it happened also a while ago when I was seeking through a video from my NAS.
The regular playback didn’t start, but insted a extremly loud and distorted noise/ sound/ etc. came out of my speakers, which almost damaged my ears.
I immediatly turned off my amp (connected via SPDIF) and then increased the volume step by step. There was a weird dull and heavily distorted sound coming out of my speakers, it was quite scary.

After i restarted my device, the weird bugs were gone again. I took logs, but i can’t remind exactly when the bug happend, maybe you can find something.


Hi, I’m experiencing the same bug with my Nexbox A95X (S905W) and my Marantz SR5008 receiver. All updates since then didn’t resolve the issue. It’s not a common issue, but mostly on first play (movie/iptv). Most playsessions it doesn’t occur…and very few times it can happen switching media…so it’s not bound only on startup. It’s quiet anoying because it’s really loud (depending on your volume…but it’s max sound noise sort of speak)

there is an option “keep audio device alive”. And the option “send low noise”. Use them and it will go away.

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