ezCAST EZC-5200 BT and WiFi Dongle support

Hey, i own this stick and i attached it to my brand new ODROID N2 yesterday.

WiFi works real great but i also want to use the BT Funktion. Can we add drivers for it to CE?

I think its an rtl8821CU chip. There are drivers on github

Maybe this link is helpful also for BT: https://github.com/andydvsn/rtl8821cu_bt

Can you post the output of lsusb while the adapter is attached to the N2.

0bda:c820 Realtek Semiconductor Corp

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hey i have the same problem wifi works bt no

Bus 001 Device 017: ID 0bda:c820 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. USB2.0 HUB

because its the same realtek chip that was build into many devices. It would be nice to see it completely working on CE-ng

anything new here ?

Sorry if this link is irrelevant.
Guy compiled from a source code he retrived from the CD he received with a device.

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