Factory Reset

Yesterday, the kodi install on my N2 (running CE 9.2.8) started acting up. I’ve been uninstalling/reinstalling addons like crazy, and it’s still not sorting itself out. Most everything I do results in an endless spinning circle - to which my only response is a hard reset.

I think I’m about to succumb to a factory-reset resolution. The only problem is, I do not know how to do a reset on the N2. Can somebody point me in the right direction? CE is running on the emmc and I’ve got the open SD slot. I can also ssh, but guessing that does no good for this particular operation.

Also, would it be worth taking this opportunity to upgrade to CE 19?


Before upgrading to CE19, check that all the addons that you are using now in kodi 18 are available versions for kodi 19.

Thanks. Fingers cross that will sort it out.

Re: the upgrade to CE19, are there published instructions to make that happen? Will that be applied as an automatic update at some point? It looks like just about everything I use is already working on 19, btw.

There won’t be a forced upgrade to matrix/CE19. We urge people with capable hardware to upgrade and in the end of the year we’ll terminate support for the legacy builds as announced here: CoreELEC 9 (Leia) End of Life Announcement

There aren’t many (or any) main addons that are still incompatible with matrix. So I would urge you to upgrade. The upgrade is pretty simple, either burn a new image to the emmc if you have an emmc USB/uSD adapter or after resetting your installation just upgrade with the CE19 tar file.

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