Failed updating from legacy 9.2.6 to 19.0-Matrix

How to upgrade to 19.*?

My box:

  1. Beelink GT-King Pro
  2. Previously installed ugslimTV android os. Downloading mode can not be switched to when I want to reburn new fw with Amlogic USB Burning Tool.
  3. Installed 9.2.6 and run “ceemmc”

After “CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-19.0-Matrix-Generic.img.gz” or “CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-19.0-Matrix.tar” was put in /storage/.update and reboot the box,
it failed with screen “Android updating”, as pic below:

Previously, when ugslimt Android TV is running, and “reboot update” is called from “Term emulator”, and SD Card with CE 19.*, or “reboot recovery” is called from power menu. After rebooting, the error is the same as the pic shown: "Upgrading"

I think you will have to ask on Beelink forum for help.
But if USB Burning Tool doesn’t work create SD card for update Android?

Android update can not be done if CoreELEC is installed to internal by ceemmc.
So you have to remove CE first again by the ceemmc tool to perform a Android upgrade.
Or you just flash Android again with the Amlogic USB tool and all data on eMMC is flashed.

Beelink forum has been silent for a long while.

Will update from 9.2.6 to 19, by putting 19.* image in /storage/.update dir, change the bootloader, so that ce 19 can not start?

Now single boot is set by ceemmc, and only CE 9.2.8 exists.
It’s strange Amlogic USB tool cannot recognize the port.
Is the bootloader damaged?

On Beelink bootloader is not changed. It is used what Android has it.

The strange thing is that if you put coreelec file into /storage/.update folder that Android is trying to update. because this 2 things has nothing in common.
Are you sure you are saving file to correct folder? How did you saved file to /storage/.update folder?

As written in the how-to of the tool it’s not possible to revert install in single boot mode. Only way back is to flash Android.

  1. scp.
    At the beginning, I installed CE9.2.6, because the release notes of CE [19.0-Matrix] said:
    So all devices that support Amlogic-NG 9.2.6 will also support CoreELEC 19.0-Matrix.
    But it failed with CE19.0.
    And lastly, i have no idea, just keep it most update. Then i downloaded image of CE9.2.8, the last version of CE9, into dir /storage/.update.

  2. put image of CE19.*, into dir /storage/.update, reboot CE, all things went normally, decompressing… then reboot. Android bootloader come, and “Upgrading…” suspended the screen.
    which is the current status.

I use refus to burn CE 19.4-Matrix into SDCard and copy dtb.img in CE 9.2.8 into the SDCard.
After the andorid robot showed, it kept rebooting.
This time, it did not hang on the robot screen with “upgrading…”.

What? You copied dtb.img from CE 9.2.8 ?

you meant it was wrong?

Yes. Use the new/correct one from sd card.

  1. I burned every release of CE 19, from 19.0 to 19.4 into SD Card by rufus.
  2. Copied dbt.img from devices_tree dir.

Bootloader hang on “Upgrading…”.
I think 9.2.8 is my gt-king pro box’s destiny.

How to upgrade to CE19? :face_exhaling:


Using the “SD Card Update” Method, We can succeed:

  1. Copy 3 files necessary for the “SD Card Update” Method, push the reset button of the box, until it comes into recovery mode.
  2. Connect the “otg” usb port with PC, whose “amlogic burning tools” is running and load the firmware and “OK” is clicked.
  3. choose “Reboot to bootloader”.
    Then it runs well.

Now, CE 19 can run.

Thank all.

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