Failure to migrate using ceemmc tool on MXQ Pro Mini Leelbox Q2

Hello, I’m having trouble installing CoreElec (20.2 Nexus) on my MXQ Pro Mini Leelbox Q2 (S905X, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage) set-top box. The system boots up fine from the SD card, but I am faced with a certain error;

Free space of 'partition CE_FLASH': 512MB Warning: Could not find 'dto' partition! Could not find 'CE_STORAGE' partition! Failed to read size of partition 'CE_STORAGE'! Failed to create new partition table!

The device was not rooted nor had the ability to be rooted. The stock firmware was running Android 9, but I have since changed it to AidanROM’s custom Android TV also running Android 9 (to test it out, but I have deemed it too demanding for this particular box).

My question is, are there any solutions or various tests I could try to fix my issue? Like could rooting AidanROM’s firmware solve my case or are there other things I could try?

Downgrade to Android 7.12

Leelbox Q2 version

Or Aidans 7.12

Then should be no issues with partition.

I have T95N S905X 1/ 8

On internal Dual OS/ Dual Boot
No issues.
With Nexus Stable.

Maybe will help

Hey there Freddy,

Thank you for taking your time to respond to me. I have followed your steps and now successfully migrated CoreElec to my eMMC on this set-top box. Sorry for the late response, I was busy this week.

Now I was wondering, it showed that installing single boot was not available. Is there a reason for that?

Another thing I noticed… after installing Aidan’s v7.5 ~ Android 7.12 I was no longer able to boot into a recovery mode from pressing down on the reset button, I had to manually go into the terminal of the recovery and type reboot update. Is there a particular reason for this behaviour?

No idea why single boot is not available.??

Why do you need recovery?

Coreelec should boot first

Then to switch to Android use reboot from
Emmc/ nand option in
Power setting.

From Android sometime
Long press power key on generic remote
Has options

And or in Android use apk/ app reboot LibreElec

I needed recovery as that was the way I flashed AidanROM in the first place. I used the Amlogic USB burning tool. I also thought that recovery could be used in another way when CoreElec was isntalled.

But yes, CoreElec does boot first and I’m happy with that.

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