Fallback to HDR10 from DV needed

I use kodi for ~7 years and for last few years i use Odroid N2+ with CoreElec and with Sony KD-85XH9505 TV .

So to make it clear , I DON"T want DolbyVision , I know it is not supported .
But I do want HDR10 fallback to trigger on files that have HDR10 and DV . Release group that i use started posting all new files with both instead separate DV and HDR10 like before and my Linux CoreElec is not fallbacking . Picture on those files is cycling through green etc colors.

I believe it is because my tv supports DV and reports it to Kodi. Can i disable in any way in Kodi DV and force HDR10 fallback always ?

Post media info on your files you are trying to play. Ffmpeg in kodi 19 and 20 does not support processing of Dolby Vision.

Kodi (CE) does not have the ability to convert Dolby Vision profile 5 to HDR10

The issue is that files have both DV and HDR10 as fallback , i don’t want to use DV , I really want it to use fallback to HDR10.

There is an Android Kodi version that can do this, I think. Check it out here
If you want to go that way, then first install this Android version ( Selfinstall Android TV images
64bit You can find latest version here from here and on it the mentioned Kodi, which works on my N2 quite OK.

HDR10 fallback has worked fine in CE for the last few years.
Make sure you’re on an up to date CE release. If you’ve done all that, then it’s likely a bad release rather than CE.
This isn’t even a CoreELEC functionality, but part of Kodi and ffmpeg, we have not made any changes to that mechanism.

uf i had an android version of Kodi on Minix u9-h and never again . The issue i had with false 4k reproduction (everyone says it is playingin 4k and that only the interface is in 1080p but i am 100% sure it was playing only in 1080p since i measured the output video. Also the config to force 23.976 FPS video without added frames was terrible and constant fight + the sound reproduction was full of bugs.) Android version does not have any tinkering availability like the linux standard one has and I won’t use it again. But DV was working i give you that.

I am with you on Android being a very low end OS, but would never compare LinageOS 19.1 (Android 12) on N2 with S922 processor with Android 6.x running on Minix U9-H with S912 processor. It’s completely in a different league; simply, it cannot be compared.
LOS 19.1 on N2 runs perfect and I can think of nothing (that I came across) that Kodi on CE 20.1 can do better that Kodi 20.1 (or 21 alpha) on this Android version. Not to mention all other app benefits that this LOS Android, besides Kodi, can handle with ease…
I really should not write all this on CE forum, but 8 years of Android development since Minix U9-H days did bring some useful change…

Everyone can have their opinion but we’re here to discuss CoreELEC and to solve CoreELEC problems (when they happen). So we just need to know if the file has fallback to HDR10 or you’re expecting some kind of “tone mapping” from DV to HDR. I have lots of hybrid samples and they fallback to HDR10/10+ every single time.

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