Fallback to HDR10 from DV needed

I use kodi for ~7 years and for last few years i use Odroid N2+ with CoreElec and with Sony KD-85XH9505 TV .

So to make it clear , I DON"T want DolbyVision , I know it is not supported .
But I do want HDR10 fallback to trigger on files that have HDR10 and DV . Release group that i use started posting all new files with both instead separate DV and HDR10 like before and my Linux CoreElec is not fallbacking . Picture on those files is cycling through green etc colors.

I believe it is because my tv supports DV and reports it to Kodi. Can i disable in any way in Kodi DV and force HDR10 fallback always ?

Post media info on your files you are trying to play. Ffmpeg in kodi 19 and 20 does not support processing of Dolby Vision.

Kodi (CE) does not have the ability to convert Dolby Vision profile 5 to HDR10