Favorite or Useful Add-Ons

What are some of your favorite add-ons?

For me:

  1. PM4K (PlexMod4Kodi) - As a Plex client. I have another SD card with PlexKodiConnect, but found PM4K much more robust for my 300Tb library

  2. Asteroids screensaver - Minimal but lets me know to turn my screen off (vs just a black screensaver)

Opinion from a UK based codger

Catchup TV and more (beta not the one from the Kodi repo), Iplayer www, viwX (tho there are signs in probs at the moment) and Radio Paradise.

The latter is so good imho and free to use. If you like it, and tastes vary I know, please become a donor like I have. I use this add-on daily for hours at a time and could not freeload with a clear conscience.

The lack of all the visual clutter and ad free viewing on the TV based addons is so refreshing compared to my smart TV’s app offerings. They are like the difference between Coreelec and fire stick clutter wise.

PM4K, as @liquidion says is also on my list as I have a Plex server and have access to my son’s too. The developer is a star and the addon gets better all the time.

RadioParadise looks very neat, will probably install that today.

CatchupTV looks like it has some configuration to get live TV channels on there, may look into setting that up this weekend.

Tvheadend. – filler words here —

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Oh, and docker and Plex media server that lets me run Plex server on N2+.
Does it well for me as I don’t need to transcode stuff.

Some “must-have” for me:

  1. CoreELEC addons:
  • tvheadend server & client
  • IPTV Simple
  • DVB drivers
  • VNC viewer
  1. 3rd party addons:
  • Gdrive
  • IPTV merge
  1. “Entware addons”:
  • Wireguard
  • Tailscale
  • Zerotier
  • rclone
  1. “Docker addons”:
  • Pihole & Cloudflared
  • Portainer

For the Gdrive add-on, is it possible to play video content directly from drive in CE?

Could you be so kind as to explain how you are using wireguard from entware. I have tried so many ways (h ttps://discourse.coreelec.org/t/wireguard-add-on/2203/13 ) but never managed to have it work in a satisfying way.

Thanks in advance if you’ll take the time.

For me it works in this way.