Fenvi FU-AX1800 USB wifi dongle and Coreelec

Hi I have and Odroid N2 with amlogic-ng version 21 Nightly.
Is it possible to include Fnvi FU-AX 1800 in the next drop ?
The Dongle use the mt7921au chipset and the standard Mediatek device ID (VID/PID) for the mt7921au chipset: ID 0e8d:7961
More details here:

Thanks in advance

Not yet in future. Your device will require kernel version 5.17.0 minimum to include the driver.
We are currently working on 5.15.78 and there is only the PCI driver for this ID included.

Thanks a lot.
Are you able to suggest me any working wifi6 usb adapter for Coreelec ?

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