FFMPEG and S905x3 + coreelec = problems

First i must say, im amazed what coreelec builders did - amazing job! thank you!

But the problem is, when i use S905x3(s96 max plus 4/32gb) with coreelec and ffmpeg, then i can use only one ffmpeg process in time. I have setup in kodi and android, all working as need, can but record as many recordings with ffmpeg as i want, but when i use same system in Coreelec, then i can record only one channel same time and if i but one channel record and try to go watch same time another channel, then i hear only audio, but screen black(i used right ffmpeg build in coreelec, all working as need, exept that i can but only one recording in time).

Maybe someone faced same problem and can help me ?

ANd sorry, if i posted to wrong place… i hope its right place

Welcome to the forum aimar9999.

Can you give more details about the process(s) that you are using to instigate the recording.

Thank you for your answer.

I tried 2 ways - with https://github.com/gonzalo-hvega/pvr.sql/releases (gonzalo pvr.sql) + ffmpeg
and second way https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=329991 (siptv recorder) + ffmpeg

i love first gonzalo pvr.sql , using this with linux and kodi, Its just amazing - but if i install exactly same gonzalo pvr.sql to coreelec , then i can but record only one channel as earlyer described.

But both - gonzalo pvr.sql and iptv recorder acted exaclty same

And i dont know why this happening, but i can tell - im not working with ffmpeg first time.
im already more than 3 years using almost daily ffmpeg and kodi, but with coreelec im new.

ffmpeg i used in windows, android, linux.

I even builded years ago my own recording system to home server, with ffmpeg and linux. i using it daily, every time when need record some tv show or movie.
but after i found coreelec for my android box, i would like to start recording with my box , its need less power than server, so it will be less expensive :wink:

Maybe something is wrong with networking on CE and both streams can’t get at the same time?
Both ffmpeg instances are independent and doesn’t have anything in common.

Thank you so much for your post.

Definetly this not problem, because same thing works in same network with linux and android, with android even in same box - but i dont want all this crap what comes with android op system :smiley:
Thats why i try to get work all with Coreelec

I meant network in CE :slight_smile:

Just in case try to run some iperf tests. Or try to run 2 ffmpeg instances directly from command line and not using with addon.

Btw: IPTV Recorder seems nice - need to try it one day. Maybe for christmas :slight_smile:

Iptv recorder dont fit for me, but its prety awsome yeah.
my problem was, that i found there some problems with updating guide and if guide not updating, then u just cnt start record, was this problem too many times.

but about my problem. sorry, i not understand first what meaned CE , after some mins i started laugh and understood :d

i will try it soon and will let you know, but meanwhile i have one more question. is there a way to turn off ffmpeg log on pvr iptv simple client ? if understood right, i should edit somehow pvr iptv simple client files, to find ffmpeg code part and edit this, to not logg - are im right? if yeah, then how i can open those files in pvr iptv simple addon folder, what program i must use?

for me seems, that while ffmpeg makes log file, then i can start only one record, because of log file (im not 100% sure, but i want to try this, to be sure this not problem).

i also can understand it with command line, i understand and i will try soon(tomorrow probably), but if u know how to open those addon files(if this even possible), then please teach me, i anyway would make some changes there, but i dont know how to open those files, if that are possible(im not sure this is possible or not).

EDIT: one more question, is there some way to know if GPU driver is installled or not?

btw, sorry for mistakes in writing. english is not my first language (a)

What do you mean by ffmpeg logging in pvr iptvsimple client? There is no logging by default if kodi runs in normal mode (not debug). But even in debug log you can select which components are writing to log.

I’m sure GPU driver is installed by default on CoreELEC :slight_smile:

Do you know what ffmpeg command is used for saving stream?

than you for ur answer

i mean, when start record with ffmpeg, u can also log output for ffmpeg. and pvr simple iptv addon making log, i saw that from addon folder, every time i start record, there log starting, so there login in ffmpeg.

but that can be turn off, if i could look addon files, but i dont know what program i should use, to open those addon files in kodi addon folder(pvr iptv simple folder).

and i dont know what ffmpeg command there exactly used, thats why i want to open addon file, to look this and change command as i need :slight_smile:

One other member also helped me, but nothing helped…

Then i went, kodi settings -> player -> videos and turned in videos off “allow hardware acceleration” and all started work… amazing, i need to test those settings to find out best for me, but problem resolved after that :slight_smile:

and i know i tried to find this option before… but somehow i not found… thank you for thinking with me :slight_smile:

Hello againe.
i try to take best what i can from KODI… So my goal was all the time get recording and also timeshift(play/pause in live stream, to go to kitchen when cooking or to toilet when need :smiley: etc…)

Thats why i discovered fast, that im not happy with pvr iptvsimple client. its recording, but i cannot pause livestream in pvr iptvsimple

So i searched alot and i gived another try to tvheadend and i finally got this work…
Tvheadend definetly works when u have urls what not changing - if your urls changing alot, then i not sure how good tvheadend works and im making those tests right now, i will let know here how all works. But after many tests, i did 4 diffrent m3u urls , not one big m3u - then all started work better.

so soon, tvheadend with coreelec is awsome :wink:

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