File copy in kodi 18.2

I happily downloaded and installed Coreelec on a sd. Kodi is working OK. I selected the option to modify/rename the files and to show hidden files/directories. I’m able to see the storage and root but when I select a file I can only rename it or delete it. I cannot copy&paste. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need an add-on to manage the files? In order to install the update to 9.0.2 I had to revert to the zidoo x9s where I simply copy the update and once reinstalled in the s905w box it updated promptly but still with no copy&paste option.

Kodi File Manager copies selected files/folders from one pane to the other (left to right or vice versa). You can copy from root to storage, but not the other way round…

I probably didn’t make myself so well understood. What are missing are the options as are shown in the File Manager Context Menu of the Kodi Wiki (i.e. the Copy and the Move menu options are not there; all the others are there and working).

Your screenshot is a bit confusing.
The copy destination (on the right side) is F:\Documents, so this seems to be a Kodi installation on Windows.
We only support CoreELEC, and you should post this question in the Kodi forums instead.

@rospy, what skin/version of the skin are you running ?
@relkai, it’s OK, the SS is from Kodi Wiki is showing what it should look like, and he seems to be missing copy/move options on CE 9.0.2

Aah, yes…I see. You are absolutely right.

Kodi can manage copying/moving from the file manager.
Did you define a location to copy to or from? So does it have a copying target? (Other than root or storage)

I first select a file and then I press the menu button to show the options but the copy/move is not there. I must have misunderstood the way it works. Besides that, as I wanted to use the file manager to install the update how can I copy the update to the storage/root where the .update directory resides? As I said, I reverted to copy the file using the file manager of zidoo x9s and then reinserting the sd into the tv box. I imagine I could have used the android file manager in the internal emmc, that I didn’t cancel, as well.

You didn’t misunderstood it, that’s the way it should work, and works when your skin offers a correct context menu. Context menu can be brought up different ways. I usually open it with long press on OK or Enter keys. Long left mouse button press also works…

Can you send a SS from your situation, and what skin/version are you using?

In order to see the copy / move options the other side of the file manager has to be set to somewhere you can write to. If it isn’t those options aren’t shown, which sounds like what’s happening here.
A screenshot would probably clear things up.

Exactly what I meant

Well yeah, I know that, but it looks like he’s missed it (probably).
To be fair the file manager in kodi isn’t exactly intuitive - it’s nothing like any other file manager I use.

Well, thanks for the info. I probably have to double check again the whole process. In any case, from what has been told here, it would have not solved my problem to copy to root/storage. How did people solve the issue of upgrading then?

You can certainly move or copy files into the storage/.update folder (or storage) via file manager. I’m looking at the context menu right now.

Agreed :slight_smile:

@ rospy
Try this:
In the right hand panel of file managfer bring up storage/downloads
In the left hand panel navigate to storage/.config/samba.conf.sample and bring up the context menu.
Now do you see copy / move?
I’ve said that file and that folder just because they’ll exist on any CE system - it’s just an example.