Finally amlogic releases s922x upgrade s928x

This is the first box with the replacement soc for the s922x,the s928x has a76/a55, SEI Robotics and Amlogic Co-Launch the Wi-Fi 6E 8K Box,we should be seeing a odroid n3


An Odroid N3 would be nice indeed.

From the limited specs available so far, it looks pretty much a match to the Rockchip RK3588 that looks certain to clean up soon in the short term.

I think it certain to be a quantum leap from the S922X and derivatives.

Let’s hope Odroid will give it more IO options than the N2+ - at least WIFI and Bluetooth.

This is massive leap in performance over the s922x,not your shitty 20-30% but 2x improvement in cpu,and nearly 3x in the gpu,thats unheard of these days,I would presume the n3 development is in the last stage of production and will ship soon,should get wifi6 Bluetooth 5.1,and one I’m really wanting is nve support,gonna be a beast

I haven’t followed development here closely, will that chip be supported by CE?

First tv box sighted at Aliexpress with this Rockchip 3588 soc: H96 Max V58.
Let Amlogic and Rockchip fight to improve their offerings :slight_smile:

luxury problem ?

We have found that chip in the news like everyone else.
If it will be supported depends if a vendor wants to work with us to bring it up.


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