Fire TV Gen 1 BT remote issues

Hi, I’m unable to pair a fire TV remote with s905 device running latest version, when I put the remote into pairing mode I see the Mac address of the remote but it has no name and pairing fails, I can pair this remote to an android phone and TV no problem, is there something missing to get this working on CoreELEC?

To start,

What exact s905 device do you have?

Are you able to pair other devices to you s905 box?

Where you able to pair the remote while using the s905 boxes original android os?

Can you provide logs, by using the CoreELEC settings built in log uploading feature?
This is the easiest way to provide logs, since it gives you a link you can post here and
provides additional debug information about the os(kernel messages, etc…) that are
not included in normal kodi logs. (if you are comfortable with ssh dmesg output would
work as well)

One other important note about the logs, I need logs from after you try to pair the device,
otherwise they will not contain any information from the attempted pairing.

i have a mini mx, i’ve never used the stock OS, not sure one even exists with working bluetooth, i can pair other devices with the box like the logitech home hub, so bluetooth remote seems to be possible, when i scan for devices, there are 5-6 devices all with names, only the remote has no name in the pairing screen and is showing a speaker, i get pairing failed, something timeout, ill get a log and post it here right away.


i managed to get it paired. LOL i used a logitech bluetooth dongle and rebooted the box, this time it showed up correctly in the pairing screen and connected right away. does the dongle override internal BT?

Some of these tv box devices have some pretty crappy built in Bluetooth and WiFi chip sets. To some manufactures it’s more important to use the cheapest parts, that can check a feature off a list then it
is to make sure they are using reliable parts.

I’m guessing you have the amazon voice remote? It sounds like the built in bt was only seeing the audio portion of the remote.

I don’t know about the internal BT vs internal, since I’ve never had a device with BT built in, nor have I tried to Bluetooth dongle on one device.

Glad to here you got in working.