First Install CoreELEC in Mecool k7

I am trying to install coreelec in a Mecool k7 but I do not know how to proceed with the last step.

I need to reset the mecool for starting the CoreELEC installation.

It does not have reset button.

I tried with Terminal Emulator and the manual Update app but both methods carrie me to the same menu:
if reboot system now, starts android.
if reboot to bootloader the logo of mecool over black screen appears and nothing happens

Any advise?


It has a reset button hidden in the AV port.
Keep it pressed with a toothpick while you plug in the power cord.

(I took the instructions from this site)

But even if you manage to install CE to your device, the DVB tuners are not going to work:

Thank you for your prompt answer.

Please, correct me if I wrong.

I understand that DVB is not working on CE, but once installed CE if changing to Android , the DVB should work, isn´t it?

It is, I understand that DVB only not work in CE.

Thank you

Exactly. The driver to support this tuner is missing in Linux.
Our devs are working on it, but there is no guarantee, that it is ever going to work in CE.
But in Android it should work.

This method, goes to the same menu as described in the first post.

I continue without a method to start from Coreelec

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