First time with sbc

Hi I jst bought the coorelec odroid n2 16gb emmc it’s getting delivered on Monday,I currently have a nvidia sheild 2019 hooked up to my LG b8,I like using the apps but kodi is sluggish at times,and I’ve read on here that picture quality on the odroid n2 is quite superior to the nvidia sheild,but I’m jst concerned about getting it setup as I’ve never used a sbc before and don’t know anything about linux/ssh/command lines,I bought coorelec edition so is it jst the case of plugging in the n2 and then booting into kodi and setting up my own skin,the n2 is jst to run kodi right now and maybe dual boot android later on when I get used to it as I have my sheild here to use for apps,what should I be reading up on to get started with my odroid n2

Pretty much all you have to do to get going with CoreELEC on the N2 is attach the plastic case to the N2, then insert the sd card with CoreELEC on it into the card slot on the N2, connect your cables to the N2, and plug in the power adapter. Once it boots configure CoreELEC/Kodi however you wish.

There is a little white switch on the front of the N2 this is to select between MMC which will boot straight from the SD card or eMMC module, and the SPI option which will boot a menu system called petitboot from onboard flash memory that lets you choose which storage device and OS to boot if you have more then one installed. If you are only using a single OS from an sd card it doesn’t matter which position the switch is in, though you will probably prefer to have it in the MMC position since there is no point in having the boot menu come up when there is only one OS installed.

It arrived basically ready to go. Just put the top of the case on and start it up. Mine was all sorted. One thing - CoreELEC will be on the sd card. There is a little switch to toggle boot medium. Also - it’s an industrial sd card. I found it a bit slow, I had a faster Samsung card so ended up using that.

You should install to emmc - it’s faster than SD. Follow the installtoemmc guide or something like that.

It’s fine on a fast SD card. I run nightlies usually so no interest in emmc.

I ordered the odroid n2 coreelec edition with 16gb emmc it comes with coreelec already installed so its good to know it’s simple to setup,its on its way and will here in the morning,looking forward to see how 1080p upscaling compares to the ai upscaling on my nvidia Sheild