Flickering and asynchronous pic/sound Nexus 20.2 ng

Hi all
I want to share this Incredible experience with android box and my “Intelligent” TV android Sony
T95Max+ android Box with last ng build 20.2 Nexus
I try to post my logs but I get “failed to paste, try again”…
My picture flickering like on/off
The sound is asynchronous and Atmos is dead
I reboot the box I get the same issue on TV show and movies
I change the HDMI cable for a brand new one : Same issue
I change the tv port hdmi 1 for hdmi2 : same issue
I update the box with the last build : same issue
I disabled box WiFi and Bluetooth : same issue
Well… My box is dead I order another brand new…
In same time I open kodi from my android TV and I get some strange issue with sound and asynchronous sound/picture too but very lightly and not annoying like CoreElec.
So I think I must REBOOT MY TV and I reboot my tv I open my CoreElec android boxed I play a movie 4k atmos and it play P E R F E C T L Y uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
The picture is perfect, sound perfect all perfect ! where the kodi of the sony system play only in 1080p…
I will remember that now to first REBOOTING MY idiot TV you must do the same b4 too

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