Force HDMI output


I would like to force the output on the HDMI, even if there is nothing connected. On my previous config, an Intel NUC running LibreElec, I added this on the boot command line, in extlinux.conf:


(the final D is the key, to force the output)

and it worked fine. But things seems different on the N2. How do I do the same?

The issue I have is each time I switch off my projector, when I switch it on again, the video is disabled, and I have to unplug/replug the HDMI connector to get the image back. I don’t switch off the N2 because I’m using it headless during the day to listen to music, using the web interface or Yatse.

Thanks for your help.


No idea? It’s annoying to have to disconnect each time…

search the forum:

Ok, I see. I’ll try that. Thanks!

Ok, I’m not sure to clearly understand what I can do with disp_cap. I copied it to ~/.kodi/userdat, only kept the modes I need, and add the ‘*’ to the one I want by default, but it didn’t help: whenever I switch off the projector, the output is de-activated, and when I switch it on again, I have to unplug-replug the hdmi connector.

Any idea how to keep the output on even when there is nothing connected?

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