Forum Login Problem

Since a couple of days ago I cannot normally log in to the forum using latest Chrome on Win 10. I get this error message:

Then when I use “Log in with GitHub” option, I can log in with the same password without any problem/error…
How can I fix this ?

Try to reset password (select I forgot my password). You can then use same password again.

Thnx, that did it, can use the same password again… strange :smiley:

Happened to me too with Win 10 & Firefox. I’ve just now been able to login after trying several times this morning.

FYI, this is still happening. I’m logged in here on my iPhone from a while back, but on my desktop using the known correct login credentials, it keeps claiming bad username/password.

Plus, selecting the “forgot” or “login link” option NEVER actually sends me an email to do anything, and it doesn’t end up in spam either. The email issue has been a perpetual problem for me with CoreElec’s forums; I had to register for an account three times before one actually sent me an email (all emails were virtual aliases on the same server, so the issue is perplexing).