Friendlyarm NanoPi K2 support


Could you add hardware support for NanoPi K2 boards? They works with armbian if it helps you.

Friendlyarm Product Page
Armbian image page

Have you tried any of the currently available CE images with that device?

I tried with S905 and Odroid C2 images and did not work. I have not TTL/UART debug hardware so I can not get detailed boot log.

Armbian image works great. Could you take a look armbian source. It can be facilitate your build process.

From what we could see supporting this device would require another separate build. We’re already stretching our resources quite thin with the 6 builds we have already. Sadly we can’t justify maintaining another device for a single user.
In addition, none of us have this device on hand to even make a test build and see if we can get it working.
I guess that at this point, we’ll not be able to create a dedicated build for the NanoPi K2, but things may change in the future.

Hey everyone,

If it makes any difference I have the same board and we already have a working LE8.0 image,
If you can update it to CoreELEC latest version, it would be awesome.

Thank you for reading this.

We need the source for the u-boot, and none of us has this device to do any testing.

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I’m working on preliminary support for this device and should have something available for you to test later.

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I have this two files but the patch doesn’t work with anything above LE8.0
U-boot for nanopi k2