FTP Server

It’s possible to install an FTP Server on CE ?
OSMC on Raspi an have one and it’s very practice.

You could install vsftpd using Entware.

There is also ProFTPD server addon.

If this is just to transfer content to the device, then you can also use sftp which will work without additional software as long as ssh is enabled.

It’s a pretty easy option if you want to try it since most gragpical ftp clients also support sftp.

Thx for yours answers. :slight_smile:

I try Sftp.
Connection is ok but how i can arrived on my external HDD ?
I desire upload my videos on it.

By default CoreELEC automatically mounts all external drives you use in the /var/media directory.

For example I just plugged in a random usb drive that was sitting on my desk and it got mounted as /var/media/sda1-usb-Kingston_DataTra

Hope that helps.

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Well done.
Its perfect with your informations i see my hdd :wink:

Hi, is there a way to make sfv checking work with the ProFTPD server addon ?

From what i see this is some external daemon. It could probably work but I also saw one perl script which is not supported.

Can you give me their names or URL please ?
I tried with ftpsfv, but its ./configure hangs .

You need to create addon just like all others. It is not just “run” :slight_smile: