Future of Amlgic and CE

Hi, in this thread:

@Portisch (among other things) said:
“Right now it looks Amlogic force a Android direction only, so the end of CoreELEC.”

My question is. Should we say goodbye to Amlogic SBC as a CE (LE or else) platform? If i would like to have more or less long-term-box, what should I focus on?

My current box is Ugoos X2 Cube which is really good for my purposes. But i dont know if Matrix is last edition for S905X2. I think i will stick with it year or two?

Which vendors I should look on according to mid/long term support? If You could have crystal ball? :slight_smile:

Please ask your question in one of the other threads and don’t open new discussions. There is your quoted thread and also a general S905X4 Thread. Thank you.