G10S don't know where the remote.conf is

Hello, I have a 2.4G radio frequency G10S remote control and it works on coreelec 19.3 directly just by connecting the USB dongle. I want to configure some key and I don’t know where the remote.conf is.

G10S is an air mouse. Should work out of the box after inserting the adapter.

Maybe just create your own remote.conf

To configure just one key, use Kodi keymap editor.

My remote 2.4G Fly Air Mouse G10S PRO works really well
I replaced it with the original one delivered to X96max + … but unfortunately the power button does not work for me, i.e. shutdown or suspen work, but I cannot wake up my X96max + from suspend or standby / poweroff options.
Does anyone have such a remote control or knows if it is possible to run the X96max + / CoreElec Matrix Box with the remote control button: power
The power / wake up button works on the original remote ( X96max+ ) as well as on the Mx3 Air Mouse remote control however, both remotes are not very ergonomic for me or do not work very well :frowning:
Ps. SOLVED ! :slight_smile:
I did not have an instruction manual …
On the internet there is a need to learn the code power button from the original x96max + remote

-Keep pressing Power button.
-The air mouse enters IR learning mode when the LED flashes slowly.
-Press the power button when you aim the IR tranmitter with air mouse.
-Air mouse recaives the code successfully if LED light.
-LED flashes slowly means that Air mouse has finishedlearning.
-Data will be saved automatically and the product will exit learning mode.
-Press “Power” + “OK” to clean the code up.

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