Gamebox2 (G11Pro) Amlogic Franklin Booting issue!

Hi guys,
I had recently purchased a Gamebox2 - I would usually link the item but it’s no longer available.
Upon plugging it in I had the error -

Boot error, hangs. " Starting debugging shell for boot step: mount_flash…type exit to quit ###

After following a few YouTube tutorials I am still unsuccessful, I am now stuck on the “Android” homescreen… I have tried SO MANY different Device Trees and cannot get her to boot…

All the specs I have are -

Device Manufacturer = Amlogic
Board = Franklin
Device = Franklin
CPU= 4x ARM Cortex-A53 @ 1800MHz
GPU Cores = 1 Core
RAM= 1gb
Kernel Version= 4.9.113

“Franklin” is the SOC codename for S905X2, so DTB to be used should start with “g12a_s905x2”.
But you only have 1GB RAM, this config is not available on CE side. Using 2GB DTB will not work.
And no LAN, and unknown WIFI chipset.
So overall, it seems challenging to get this device running.

Maybe better to rethink buying a supported box. And if you bought this for gaming, maybe check out EMUELEC.

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Thank you for your support, I appreciate it!
I wonder why they would sell me the wrong gamebox, it’s heavily advertised on YouTube and has great reviews, yet mine is f’d.
This was all attempted via Emuelec by the way.


Checking the internet, you will see there are lots of sellers riding the next YT hype. Different boxes & HW inside, all selling as G11Pro.
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The same mess as we saw with the cheap X96 china boxes…

Made a quick hack, try if it’s booting at least with CE20.2…
g12a_s905x2_1g_g11.dtb (68.9 KB)

I replaced the SD card (Had to wait for one to come in mail or I would have waited)
Seems to have fixed the issue… Along with your g12a file! It booted perfectly…
Thank you so much!!!
Case closed.

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