GameSir G3w gamepad connection

Hi all, I am on 9.2 stable, and this happens on nightlies also.
GameSir works perfectly fine. Some times when I turn on my Odroid-N2, the gamepad is unresponsive. The power lights are still On.
When I connect to another USB port, it works again. It works on all 4 USB port, I just have to connect to a different unused port.

Has anyone seen this behavior before.
And any tips or pointers will be appreciated. I searched the forum and didn’t find anything.
below is full dmesg output.
log3.txt (79.3 KB)
i turned off N2, removed all usb connected device and only left the GameSir gamepad connected.
Gamepad works fine. Then i started connecting it to different USB ports.
Finally, it stopped working. Then i took the dmesg output.
hope someone can take a look when its convenient.
thanks, and goodnight

How are you connecting your GameSir gamepad via USB-WiFi or USB-Bluetooth ?

I have four g3s controllers and have tried using all four dongles at once on my N2—including through a powered hub, and the fourth dongle will always fail. There is—though that may have changed in the past few months—an issue with the N2 where it would throw a resource error on the fourth dongle plugged in or in the loading chain. Yet another USB issue with the N2.

I took the issue up both here and on the Odroid forums with no success. It doesn’t appear to be a high-priority for HK though.

As it is, I’ve just sacrificed having vibration by using the fourth in bluetooth mode, and that works okay. But the latency on that fourth one is a bit higher and is less than ideal.

I am connected via usb.
I am sorry i think i got the model number wrong, i think it should have been GameSir G3W.
It definitely is not wireless, direct USB connection to the N2.
This is the exact one i bought.

The G3s is just the wireless version of that controller. It can use it’s own dongle, USB cable or bluetooth, but AFAIK, there’s absolutely no difference between the G3w and the G3s (when connected by USB or with the dongle). So, issues on the G3s or G3w will affect the other, as long as a USB port is being used.

Try to use front USB2.0 micro port with an OTG adapter. My WiFi version works best on this port.

Thanks for the suggestion. It’s easy enough just connect into another USB port. Still wondering if I stumbled on some bug, hope the dmesg log will provide some clue to someone.

I think his point in suggesting using the OTG port is because they technically should use different USB host standards—the older oHCI/eHCI vs xHCI used for the USB 3 ports on the back. But I suspect it’ll be much the same regardless of the port.

Do you normally have any other USB devices connected to your N2? My theory is that the N2 has issues releasing USB inputs (including unused ones), and then runs out of “resources” — see your own log where your one controller gets up input17 and then fails.

I normally do have two other usb devices (flash drive and an external hardrive) connected.
However, as an investigation, i turned off N2, disconnected all other usb devices and just had the GameSir G3w connected. And as i moved the GameSir to different USB port, it eventually stopped working. Then i saved and uploaded the dmesg here.

I can certainly test the behavior on the OTG port.

On my N2 I have all USB3.0 ports occupied (HD3.0 disk, WiFi network, WiFi dongle for mini keyboard and WiFi dongle for GameSir) and can at the same time use front USB2.0 micro USB port for my second game pad. All is working without hiccups.

So far as I can tell, it been operating normally on the OTG port. Will do more testing over the weekend.

No wonder since most of gamepads, as well as GameSir, have USB2.0 interface.

Actually same thing happened.
GameSir G3W is connected to the OTG port. Was working working fine untill i turned the system on ( i think it was suspend/hybernate). Now its unresponsive.