Gapless using UPnP renderer causes 501 error

Using BubbleUPnP to send music over to CoreELEC (X96 Air) works but the gaps between tracks aren’t great. Enabling Gapless makes it refuse anymore music and needs to be toggled off/on before working again (and Gapless disabled).

I’m sure I’ve tried doing this a while ago I think it was on LibreELEC but gapless wasn’t an option because it didn’t support it at all.

Does Kodi not support this? If not perhaps advertising it as not supported would be best.

Is there a way for this to be an option in the future?


CoreELEC and Kodi have no problem playing music files gapless, assuming they are tracks of the same format eg all FLAC or all MP3 and from the same album and there are not supposed to be gaps between the tracks in question. I use Shiller’s Future album to test this because nearly all of the tracks merge into each other. Simply plug a USB flash drive directly into your player with a suitable album to demonstrate that it’s not a CoreELEC problem. I currently have all my music stored on a USB attached SSD so am not streaming across the network but have previously done it that way from WD and Synology NAS drive’s and had no problems with gapless playback on either Android Kodi or CoreELEC.


That works but this isn’t the same. This is using Kodi as a UPnP renderer, it’s not the same as just playing directly off of a storage device.

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