General purpose distro with CoreELEC software

Can i use vendor kernel from coreelec in other linux distributions? My current setup is gentoo with mainline kernel and u-boot, i want to change it to vendor because it lack of hw support (no wifi and bad vdec). Box - x96 max plus 2101w, u-boot , do i need to replace it to other bootloader or modify (dts and defconfig)? I know, that coreelec uses many patchsets for different software, not kernel alone, but i want to start with kernel, setup the right boot environment. Thanks for any help.

You only can use whole vendor kernel, not parts only. Amlogic kernel changes are “melt” into mainline kernel so can’t extract them.

But 5.15 kernel is setup different and it’s easier as Amlogic changes are handled separate to mainline kernel.

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I know it, that’s why I want to replace the whole kernel, porting modules is difficult job. My question was about booting environment and userspace compatibility, will my current u-boot boot this kernel and execute gentoo userspace, or vendor did some breaking changes?

5.15 kernel is still in development stage with no public sources, as i know, it will be cool, use modules on top of mainline kernel.

Your u-boot must be Amlogic compatible include the extra fip blobs.
The 5.15 source is already public at Khadas · GitHub

Thanks for link, i’ll try 5.4 from coreelec repo first. My u-boot is compatible and fips included, tested on mainline kernel, do i need to change dts and defconfig ? Kernel has separate dts, it must be the identic with u-boot’s dts?

5.4 is not SM1 compatible, use 4.9 or 5.15.

Didn’t know this, ok. Which dts i need to use? ? For u-boot too?

Compiled with gcc 11, vims_defconfig + panfrost driver, dtb extracted from coreelec 21. It seems, that kernel boots, ip address appears on pc lan, but i got “cannot setup simplefb node not found” error, i think, my u-boot doesn’t support this kernel. I don’t know, will mainline u-boot accept vendor dts or not, khadas uses u-boot 2015. Before i blindly started flashing various u-boots, can you give me some hints, please?