Geniatech Mygica HDStar DVB-S2 USB

I’m using an Odroid C2, running CoreELEC (official): 9.2.7. and Crazy Cat Drivers.
The tuner is listed in TV Headend, I can perfectly scan over all the available muxes, and map the channels, but can only play SD Channels, when I try playing an HD channel I get a lot of continuity erros, and no image is out.
I googled a lot, but still couldn’t find a way to make it work.

Does any one use this tuner, and could find a way of making it work? Any ideas of how to make it work?
Any help would be really aprecciated.

Although I’m not sure if this solution works, try unzipping the firmware directory from in /storage/.config/firmware, and reboot the device.

Thanks for your reply, tried that but no success. I can still watch SD channel, but none of HD channel works.

I would guess that you have a marginal signal strength and its not a strong tuner. SD is much lower bandwidth than HD so I would expect to see near continuous continuity errors and when these reach a critical threshhold the tuner will give up on the stream. We have similar issues living on the edge of the sat footprint and using the shitty SKY dish. When it comes time to replace the dish I will be getting one which is twice the size.


This tuner is a reall weak one, but unfortunately in my country, Brazil, is a little diffult to buy anything related to sattellite signal receiving, and importing them are always too expansive because of the taxs and duties,

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