GetEpisodesByWhere failed

Hi All,

i am getting ’ error : GetEpisodesByWhere failed’ repeating periodically in my Kodi log.

i use CE MariaDB addon for my (shared) DB. i assumed Kodi was sending some query to the DB and failing so i set debug to try and get the statement so i could run it manauly against the DB to toubleshoot, but i dont see anything, there is no debug info seemingly related to this faliure, i just get the same general error in debug.

does anyone have any idea what kodi is doing when it tries to ‘GetEpisodesByWhere’

trying to understand if my DB is just too big and the N2 just doesnt have enough memory (i had to add a swap file to stop kodi crashing due to oom, even on my smaller 2gb DB, and lots of stuff, scrapers / vpn etc throw errors often when i am pointed at this, larger DB) or if i have some corruption in my DB (already dried drop and create in heidi sql to no avail). i dont think it is an application issue as if i point to my second smaller DB on same Maria install, i dont get the error, or any of intermittant problems with scrapers, VPN etc


No log, no problem.
So we can only guess.
And Wiki tells try nightly before report …

OK Thanks, will try nightly. i was just wondering if anyone know what Kodi is doing when it tries to ‘GetEpisodesByWhere’ so i could target my troubleshooting.

if still issue on nightly will share a debug log…

update tried the nightly…new version on NPVR client that removes the errors on PVR start up, nice!

anyhow, same issues with the nightly. flashing a new sandisk extreme 64gb SD now to test on totaly clean CE

OK so satisfed the DB is not corrupt. is it simply lack of resources. i cant have a huge library, NPVR, and Nox Silvo with multiple custom menu items based on playlist, my N2+ just cant take it, and i though it was bulletproof! :frowning:

If your skin has many write/read cycles from storage like thumbnails you should use a removable emmc.

i use SSD booting form USB, i did previoulsy have my install on 128gb Odroid emmc, and later on a sandisk extreme SD, but the DB performance was not great, search would take an age, even after a bunch of optimitions in my.cnf (they helped but it was still not great) opening playlists was painfull, and epg load times from npvr back end took an age.

moving to SSD adressed this, almost instant searching, fast loading on playlists etc. i found everything is well with DB size of just over 2gb (provided i set a swap file) but the more i go past that the more issues i see when i have all the bells and whistles configured. The DB i have been struggling with is 3gb (video). it works fine on clean install and no additinonal addons at all, but once i start adding all the stuff i love about Kodi/CE (Docker, PVR, Silvo etc) it starts to be come unuasable. ive gone back to my smaller 2gb DB and all is working great,. but wit a bunch of extra content i cant scrape in, wihtout risk of all grinding to a halt

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