Gigabit LAN driver problem

@Alex_77 Does the bluetooth also work in coreelec on your box with “1509” firmware? Thank you !

@ Pinzarufilip Today i updated to 9.2.1 version , gigeth driver problem still persists there. And i didn’t see any coreelec bluetooth interface while scanning on my phone, in the core settings menu it shows that bleutooth is disabled and there isn’t any option to enable it.

Is there any fix for this? I have just bought a X96 Max and experienced the exact same issue. When connecting to Ethernet, it shows IP as 169.254… and can’t connect to internet.

Hi @TheCoolest. Have you had found any ways to fix this bug? I and some users here are still having this problem… I am willing to help you provide any info possible to fix this. Hope that you or some team member will have the time to take a look at this. I will greatly appreciate for sure!

The only thing I can recommend is for you to try the latest nightly build.
I don’t think there was anything we did to “fix it”, but we’ve switched to a new kernel, maybe it’ll work.

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I am using the latest nightly build but the problem still persists… I think that all the boxes with newer board revision (V311R_P) have this issue. The problem is that I can still see the ethernet connection but when trying to connect to the wired connection, DHCP can’t take an IP and get the IP in form of 169.254. x.x and can’t connect to the internet. If you have the time, I can help you with any needed info to solve this. Correct me if I am wrong but it seems like @Alex_77 @Pinzarufilip @kkevin @elgatito all experienced the same issue as me.

Do not upgrade the BOX firmware
The last well-functioning ANDROID version is V311R_P_20190722-2021, later versions have a different bootloader and this causes a LAN error under CoreELEC.
With USB Burning tool you can restore the firmware
here => X96Max_V311R_P_20190722-2021(8822).rar


Thanks for the advice. I will try to restore the older firmware. Is restoring process similar to upgrading (load the image > start > plug in usb cable for box)?

of course, since this is an update (only an earlier version)

I have a V31R version of X96 Max, so the firmware, recommended here, does not suit me (update won’t start from recovery).
So I’ve taken Android 8 firmware for V31R, exactly: x96Max_V31R_20190716-2201 . Which can be downloaded here:!OxJCCYaC!lIHKY9lcsWwM9jUA14o9rV0cwbpyaUkfXqVgGfLNSjA

After update I get gigabit network working just fine.

Hi, any news about X96 Max issue with the latest Android firmware ? What could I do to help to solve issue ?
Or I must go back to an older firmware ?
Thank you !
Edit : if I can extract the DTB from Android system, is it useful for you ?

Here is the DTB from X96 Max 4GB/32GB/1Gbit last Android firmware version :
dtb.img.gz (254.4 KB)

And here is the DTB from X96 Max 4GB/32GB/1Gbit old Android firmware version (LAN works with this Android version) : dtb.img.gz (255.1 KB)
Thank you !

Why don’t you stay on the old Android version if it works on that?

Because I would like to use Android and CoreELEC, and last firmware seems to be more stable than old firmware. But if you cannot do anything with the new firmware, I will stay with the old firmware.

I’m experiencing the same problem with my X96Air (s905x3 4/32 with 1Gbit/s lan). I tested many dtb’s. I also tested nightly builds from 20200615 and it is working better than 9.2.3 (sometimes only 24% of loses with 10000 pings with 32000bytes size) but in general this gigabit LAN interface isn’t usable with 1000base-T.

When you will switch to newer kernel e.g. 5.4 on CE ?

Probably when that kernel gets all needed fixes to be useful for a media box. As it looks at the moment, that’s a long way to go…

We will hopefully switch to a newer kernel when it is made available by Amlogic, it’s probably going to be 4.19, not 5.x, though.

Was this fix implemented in coreelec ?

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