Gigabit/LAN problems Beelink GT King

I have a Beelink GT King with the newest Alvatech ROM.
I run CoreELEC as standard from SD-card. I have a USB HDD connected to it, and have used it as a NAS through the CoreELEC SMB server option. I have had great gigabit NAS speed (50-100 MB/sec) until yesterday (now getting 0.4 MB/sec) transferring exactly the same file on exactly the same hardware.

Yesterday, I must admit that I played around with a lot of settings and CoreELEC add-ons, including setup of FTP + MiniDLNA addons (which both work great), so I have difficulties saying what specific setting could trigger this behavior. I first observed the problem after I had assigned a manual IP address in the CoreELEC setting, but setting it back to DHCP assigned did not help me. Of course I tried rebooting, unplugging, booting to Android etc.

It is only through gigabit that this happens, when switching to and transferring from the CoreELEC wifi IP, I get much better speeds (of course not gigabit lan).

Hope someone has a suggestion for a sollution, and that a full reinstall is not needed.

Painful as it may be, if it was working just fine until you installed a load of add-ons, I’d start by going back to basics and trying it on a clean install. You can make a backup, reset the core-elec install and see how it is. If it’s no better you can restore from the back up, if it’s improved you can continue and see if something breaks it again.

I agree with you that this may be a good idea to do a clean install.

Is there an easy way to do this, or is it a clean SD card?

I did this last week as mine kept crashing when accessing a network share (after installing a bunch of add-ons!).

Go to the CoreElec menu, and find the option to do a backup. Then copy the backup to somewhere safe.

Then go back to the CoreElec menu, and select the option to do a full reset. You shouldn’t need to do anything other than this (ie no need to re-write the SDcard etc). Then give the network speed a test.

I was dreading setting it all up again after getting it how I liked things over a period of several years of flawless operation, but in the end I found it was a lot quicker than I expected. Helped using a proper keyboard to set up all the network shares!

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Worked like a charm, now I am back on full gigabit speed again. Thanks
Also I installed the same add-ons again, and they don’t kill the speed this time. I wonder if it was something I activated in the lan setup, which triggered a config bug. My best guess is that it happened when I switched from dhcp to manual IP on the ethernet. Even though I switched back, the problem remained.