Git - make image - 7-Zip Build failed, sys/types.h included

17.log (3.6 KB) (admin may prune this file upload)
Wondering if anyone is able to work a patch for this, so auto conf is detecting properly the configuration.

ideally this would be dealt with upstream soon, but im not expecting them to release a new version just for this, as one can build with warn-on-error, but that requires fussing with the build system in a way i’m not quite adept, its not using git for versioning, so im left wondering how to create the patches… I’m figuring rather than mess with the build system to much to ignore errors, work the error, since its already requires a code change. till its patched upstream

Just waiting on the upstream change to trickle down, via a new release of 7zip. which might be a bit…

You provided wrong log file.

Whelp, Sorry, I’m not sure how I managed to provide the correct one to the upstream devs and not here XD
17.log (35.4 KB)

after domain part of sourceforge discussion on the bug: /p/sevenzip/bugs/2413/

I don’t understand what the patch in bug report is trying to solve.

But this should make you build it:
file packages/compress/7-zip/patches/7-zip-error.patch

--- a/CPP/7zip/7zip_gcc.mak	2023-09-30 17:46:26.941899856 +0200
+++ b/CPP/7zip/7zip_gcc.mak	2023-09-30 17:46:03.713726700 +0200
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ PROGPATH_STATIC = $(O)/$(PROG)s
 ifneq ($(CC), xlc)
-CFLAGS_WARN_WALL = -Wall -Werror -Wextra
+#CFLAGS_WARN_WALL = -Wall -Werror -Wextra
 # for object file

But it is strange that it fails for you.

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