Gloria box S905X4

Good morning to hall,sorry for my bad English, but i Wood need some help if it’s possible,i have a old wetekplay 2 with coreelec installed but da box is dead sou i buy a box named gloria rtx duo with Amlogic S905 x4 4g - 1000mb , but i cant boot cireelec in sd card i even cant see the coreelec boot logo, is a probleme with de divice tree?,please i tank you for the help!

Some devices need a toothpick (push reset) method to boot from SD … maybe that’s the issue?

Thank you for your reply, but i already done this metode and is stops in the bootlogo of the brand and dont start with the bootlogo coreelec,maybe thar existis a nother way!

Could be dtb
Try the 100mb version
Not 1000mb

Also if you have try using a USB stick

In Android install Terminal Emulator APK
And run command

Reboot Update

Also which version of Android is the Box running

Have been issues with Android 10 on some Boxes

I have android 11 its a german box its not chinese the internet site of the manufacturer says is 1gb

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Continuing the discussion from Gloria box S905X4:

After flashing the coreelec on the sd card a file should appear
uEnv.ini file ,but I don’t have this fille is it normal?