GPT image for HC4

I’ve ODROID-HC4 and it serves me for both NAS and Kodi.
On my own risk, I flashed the CoreELEC image to an SSD and to my surprise the system booted and was much snappier/faster then MMC.
Then I had a couple of issues:

  • The storage partition remained at initial size - I suspect it failed to grow to max size since I was using 4TB SSD and MBR is limited to 2TB partitions.
  • With official 9.2.5 build running from MMC, after resume from suspend, the system wouldn’t see the SATA drives (issue not present when running nightly installed on SSD attached to SATA port on the device)

In order to get fully functional system installed and running from 4TB SSD, I had to:

  1. Flash the image to an SSD (attached to a computer via USB) with Etcher.
  2. Boot the the ODROID-HC4 from that SSD.
  3. Remove the SSd from HC4 and connect it to a computer.
  4. Backup the content of both partitions.
  5. Convert MBR to GPT.
  6. Fix partitions and grow storage partition to max size.
  7. Restore the content of partitions from previously created copy.
  8. Update boot.ini with new partitions GUIDs.

It would be really helpful to have a GPT image for devices with SATA/M.2 ports available for download.
I think (not tested) that the GPT image would work just fine for MMC as well.

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