Green Screen on Coreelec UI X96 MAX 4/32GB

Is this a known issue?
I have installed the latest stable build.
On video playback, it shows normal colors, only on the UI where it is all green.

The problem is that the tvbox bootloader is very updated. My recommendation is to downgrade to an older android version.

Install the latest nightly

Do you have an idea which should i install? I mean has this been addressed on the latest nightly build?

Please try the latest nightly build and report back.

Alright, once i get home, I’ll try to update using the latest nightly build and report back.

@SamWilson hit the nail on the head with this one, downgrade Android or switch to nightly until our next stable arrives.

abigdavid with latest Xannytech Android TV V311P firmware or Sasvlad ATV 9 version 2.0 is ok , no green screen . I have same problem with ALVATECH latest ATV 9.0. I have problem even with nightly builds

Latest nightly build fixed the green screen issue. Thanks guys!