Green screen on live tv

Hi guys.

Weird one here. This only happens on one of my boxes, after a couple of hours playing live tv via a HDHomeRun, I get a flickering green screen.
Stop the channel and it doesn’t happen on the gui. Play the same channel and it does it straight away. Play a different channel and it plays correctly.
I’ve trued various HDMI leads, tried 2 indentical boxes, tried a clean install.
Here’s a video of what I mean.

And here’s the boxes concerned.
T95 S1 Android TV BOX, Android…

Like I said I’ve tried 2 boxes, using a s912 box downstairs I can watch live tv all night.

Thanks. Matt

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Thanks bud

I’ll try that later.


Just had a look. That was turned on.

I’ve turned it off, rebooted. Then turned it back on again. Then rebooted. See if that sorts it.