GT King + CoreElec 9.2.2 + Kodi 18.6: h264-10bit stuttering question

Hi all, I have a GT King with CoreElec 9.2.2 and Kodi 18.6.
I’m trying to encode some UHD HDR BluRays with Handbrake and I stumbled on something strange: if I use the “h264 10bit” preset the .mkv is basically unplayable (enormous stuttering, sometimes almost to a halt).
On the other hand, if I use the “h265 10bit” preset (or any other non-10bit preset, h264 or 265) the file plays well.

Any reason for that ?

H264 10 bit isnt hardware decoded by your box. No AMLOGIC chip support hardware decoding. Your box is decoding it by software - and choppy reproduction.
H265 10bit is hardware decoded thus fluent reproduction.


Thanks for the reply. How do I know what is / is not hardware decoded by my box ?

All formats should work except those which are not standard, and 10bit H264 is not standard.
Older formats/lower resolution should work fine with software decoding.

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Crystal clear. Thanks !


  1. Don´t use handbrake, try xmedia recode
  2. Use h.265