GT King power on issue


As many of us I have issue with power on GT KING with remote…
remote.conf provided in ne of the topics doesn’t work for me:) I created rc-keymap but it only allow to shutdown with remote, then created my own remote.conf (got remote-mouse version).

The key assigned as below:

0x81 116

It seems to import well

ss:~ # remotecfg /storage/.config/remote.conf
curpara:factory_code 7f800001
curpara:work_mode 00000000
curpara:repeat_enable 00000001
curpara:repeat_delay 00000028
curpara:repeat_peroid 00000027
curpara:release_delay 00000079
curpara:debug_enable 00000001
KEYMAP_LEVEL: ircode = 0x81, keycode = 116

But… while checkin it with dmesg -c

[ 558.418921@1] meson-remote ff808040.meson-remote: scancode 81 undefined
[ 558.418928@1] meson-remote ff808040.meson-remote: no valid key to handle

What am I doing wrong…


I manged by “workaround”.

Edited “config.ini” as described in: How to configure IR wakeup code

Now I can wake the box up from suspend with remote. Should be enough - but it would be nice to power on with remote:)

Any suggestions guys?

UP !

(got the same problem, power on seems to be impossible…)

Use the BL301.BIN Injection, its safe and it sorted me out. Just visit the link provided by Portisch to the instructions. Follow them and if you have more questions, problems, don’t hesitate to poster. :smiley:

Is there a good way to start CoreElec box except for pulling out the power cord and plugging it back in? The controller of my GT-King box has a USB receiver, and it can’t be used to power up the CoreELEC system. I have placed an order for a HP MCE IR controller but it hasn’t arrived yet so I don’t know whether it will work or not.

The power button works on IR, so if you use the BL301 injection method you can get it to work that way.

I managed it, if you read the threads you should be able to follow the instructions and get it sorted.