Gui at 3840 x 2160

Ok updated to 9.2.1 on Odroid N2 and was running the Kodi Gui on 9.2.0 at 3840 fine now if I run the GUI at 3840 its only showing top left corner GUI Scaling is enabled I believe put it this way it aint ticked in the coreelec part of system.

Am I doing something wrong or setup wrong somewhere shrug.


Thanks TheCoolest but it didn’t fix it. So pulled the trigger and did a reset to defaults on everything reboot and its now working.

So if you have the quarter screen GUI at 3840 x 20160 do a FULL reset. I would rather Kodi / Coreelec do the upscaling of 1080 / 720 media than my TV.

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Where can I download 9.2.0 this 9.2.1 aint working for me at all as in No DTS-HD No Atmos and also no upscaling of 1080 / 720 content to 3840 its a step backwards sorry Dev team but it aint working for me where as 9.2.0 worked perfectly

Sure wish I had not pushed that update button.

This is all on a Odroid N2

You said before that it’s working after full reset?!
There were no functionality regression in this build, you need to check your settings again…
All that you mentioned should work as before…

Ok sorted the GUI and HDMI Source so when you do a full reset it sets the audio passthrough output to spdif so set that to hdmi So dts and atmos etc sorted as far as the gui is concerned I have set my Denon amp to use the IP Scaler in other words I will let that upscale the 1080 / 720 Content

Sorted for now.

Thanks and Regards

Still not sure what you mean about upscale of 1080/720 content.
That works just fine, as it has always worked. If can better explain what the problem with scaling is, we can you sort it out properly.

Quarter screen issue is 100% because you didn’t properly reset screen calibration (or did not enable the “Don’t scale GUI” option)

So I had the same GUI issue with the OSD when playing 4K movies - 1/4 screen, huge font etc.

Ticked the Disable Scaling option, rebooted and all good.


So for the N2, is the recommended GUI setting now 4k with scaling disabled under 9.2.1?

The correct solution is to reset your display calibration.
Disabling GUI scaling can introduce artifacts or complete display corruption at 4K@50/60Hz

Thanks. So set GUI to 4k, leave new scaling feature as default (unchecked) and then recalibrate GUI and any videos that are not the right size?

It’s better to not use calibration at all… it should be at right position by default.
If you have one more sd card try to clean install on it and check. If all looks good with fresh install then some of your settings is wrong.

Sorted now. Set GUI to 3840 x 2160 and then recalibrated GUI (which is very tricky as menu is hidden), recalibrated a few 4k videos (also tricky) and everything is working again under 9.2.1. GUI stays at right res as do the videos and thanks to my new HDR passthrough, TV detects HDR and switches accordingly.

If your TV has HDR then you should not need to calibrate Kodi at all.

Your picture size settings are wrong on your TV, calibration is totally unnecessary.

@Chuzz you need to stop Kodi before removing the settings from guisettings.xml otherwise they will just come straight back when rebooting.

Right solution:
systemctl stop kodi
delete all resolution related sections from guisettings.xml
systemctl start kodi

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Erm, why would one want Kodi/CE to upscale and not the TV? Potentially, the TV will do a better job no (depending on the TV of course)? Confused.

Not sure I understand the need for this upscaling - possibly I have missed the reasons behind it somewhere.

Edit : Just to add, I will have a Vertex 2 in between which will do the upscaling so I should leave the option disabled?

We’re talking about the GUI itself, not video or output resolution.
Originally it was always rendered at up to 1080P. At 4K resolutions it would still be rendered at 1080P and
then upscaled to 4K.
In -NG we allowed GUI to run at native resolution, but it introduced issues with some devices. So now the default is like it was in the past, and the user can opt into running the GUI without scaling, depending on the hardware they have and how it handles it.

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Believe me my TV is awful IMHO at scaling seriously… its a Panasonic and never got my head round it so always use another source to Scale but I didnt realise my Denon amp did it. I had all the manuals out again yesterday morning lol but im happy with the amp scaling the Gui from 1080 to 3840 and it just passes thru any 4k content in fact I would go as far as to say its picking up the hdr content better with this version as I had maybe one or 2 misses with 9.2.0 none with 9.2.1 Yet :slight_smile:

Im happy with the solution I ended up with.

If I have done a calibration already - how can I get rid of it without a new install? Edit guisettings.xml? Which keys have to be removed or modified?